Dumb as a Stump ?

What the witch knows ?

Ive always called this old stump “The Witch”

She probably knows quite a lot. Trees we cored next to the hut that are 60% the size of this old witch, were over three hundred years old. That would make this one easily as old before the fire got her. I believe that was in the 1880’s, from local legend. So this old girl has been standing, watching this hillside for over 450 years. Born before this country, witnessed the Utes on their summer hunting grounds, stood sentinel as the miners came, and went. Scorched by fire and hangin’ on by a few years of connective tissue. When she falls it will be sad for me. She watched me haul all the materials for this shack, and watched them go up. Just a brief ¬†wink in time.

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