For availibility, see the calendar at the bottom of this page.

Please book all 20 spaces if bringing children under the age of 5.

Because the OPUS is a licensed tavern in the state of Colorado, any personal alcohol is not permitted at the hut.

Winter reservations open up on August 1st at 7:00am MT. Summer reservations open on January 1st at 7:00am MT

Winter reservations are now live

1. Select Dates

See availability calendar below

Check In:

Check Out: (Date you are leaving the hut - checking out)

2. Choose a Lodging Type and Quantity

Entire Hut ($1440/night)


Private Room w/ 5 beds ($360/night): quantity

Private Room w/ 4 beds ($288/night): quantity

Private Room w/ 3 beds ($216/night): quantity

Individual spaces ($72/night): quantity


  • Please book all 20 spaces if bringing children under the age of 5.
  • There are two 5 bed rooms, one 4 bed room, and two 3 bed rooms.
  • Booking dorm spaces may mean you are in a room with other people. If you prefer more privacy, please book a private room
  • Price includes 11.4% lodging sales tax.

3. Meal Packages


Dietary Comments:


  • Cost: $72/night/person - includes apre ski soup, dinner and breakfast the next morning.
  • Meals are required for each guest, but are listed seperately in the case you book more bed spaces than people for privacy.
  • Price includes 9.4% sales tax.
  • We specialize in catering to dietary restrictions (vegetarian, allergies, etc), but need to know ahead of time.

4. Additional Items



  • Dogs are allowed at the OPUS Hut for $55/night/dog.
  • If bringing a dog, please book a private room. Single dorm spaces are potentially shared accomodations.

5. Contact Information

Please agree to the terms below then proceed to payment

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I have read the terms, conditions and policies:

Terms and Conditions

  • Alcohol: Because the OPUS is a licensed tavern in the state of Colorado, any personal alcohol is not permitted at the hut.
  • Full Payment is due at time of reservation.
  • Groups that are not familiar and comfortable with travel in mountainous terrain prone to avalanche conditions are advised to make use of one of the local guide services for assistance in getting to the hut.
  • Guests must reserve the entire hut if children under the age of 5 are part of the group.

General Cancellation Policies

  • We do not issue refunds for cancellations, only credits
  • Any discretionary cancellations must be made more than 30 days in advance to arrival date for an 80% credit toward a future hut stay

Winter Cancelation Policy

  • During the winter, we will let you cancel or change your reservation under certain conditions as forecast by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.
  • Due to the shifting nature of the forecast zone borders, you can pick any zone within 10 miles of Opus that is most relevant to your planned approach.
  • This policy is designed to give you flexability when making plans to come to Opus. However, you must always make your own safety decisions in the backcountry.
  • Please understand that you are accepting some amount of weather related risk when choosing to come up to Opus. We are located in an occationally hard to access location, and outside of what is detailed below, we are not able to make exceptions to issue refunds or credits.

We will issue you a 100% credit for a future stay in the next 12 months under the following conditions
  • If either the rating for tomorrow or the projected rating for the next day is high or extreme.
  • If the rating for yesterday was high or extreme
  • If an avalanche watch or avalanche warning is in effect.
  • If either Red Mountain Pass or Ophir Pass Road (the two approaches) are closed as of 11am on the day of your arrival.
  • If you are staying at the hut and the forecast for tomorrow or the next day is projected to be high or extreme, and you want to leave early, we will credit you for the remainder of your stay.

We will let you move you reservation to another day within 28 days of your original reservation as long as we have space available under the following condition
  • The rating is considerable on your arrival date, and you'd feel more comfortable coming up on a different day

Lastly, we will let you move you reservation for *any* reason to another day within 14 days of your original reservation as long as we have space available
Some reasons for this might include
  • Heavy snow on the day of your arrival that you think could impact navigation on the way in
  • You have some travel trouble and arrive later than you expect
  • You want to fit your approach around a coming storm
  • You get sick and can't make it
  • You book early or late in the season and there are low snow conditions on your original date of arrival
  • e.g. Your reservation is for 3/20, but your flight is canceled. You can come up on 4/1 instead, provided we have space
  • e.g. Your reservation is for 3/20, but there's a storm coming and you'd rather come up early, you can move to 3/17 instead, provided we have space.

Vary rarely we may choose to close the hut entirely if we don't think it is safe for our staff to travel to or from the hut. Under this scenario, we will send you a 100% refund to the credit card your originally booked with.

RED - Hut Full

YELLOW - Spots Taken

Red indicates that the hut is full on the given day

Yellow means that the rooms listed have already been reserved

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