San Juan Mountains Wilderness Act

Support the San Juan Mountains Act. Some might imagine that huts and wilderness don’t go together. Obviously, huts can’t be built in wilderness areas, but huts do help to protect the environment. By increasing the awareness and appreciation of the surrounding wild lands, those who might not spend time in the mountains can become comfortable with the wild and learn to defend it. This is the mission of the OPUS. You may have assumed it was all about partying and skiing.

Clear Lake ridge

Clear Lake ridge; Ice Lakes Basin

Clear Lake turns

Clear Lake Basin

Karen in Paradise Basin

Paradise Basin


Goldenhorn shoulder – Ice Lakes Basin

Clear Lake ramp

Clear Lake Basin – Entry Ramp

Going through old photos yesterday I came across a few good ones of the front yard, which will all be protected under the proposed wilderness study area. In fact everything on the south side of Ophir Pass road would be protected.

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